Frequently Asked Questions

What types of tools does MODERN TOOLS manufacture?

        We do not manufacture tools. MODERN TOOLS, Inc. is a Sales and Marketing Organization focused primarily on Precision and Super Precision Machine Tool Manufacturing technology.

What kinds of technology does MODERN TOOLS represent ?

        MODERN TOOLS, Inc. represents approximately ten (10) Precision and Super Precision Machine Tool Builders from around the world in the six (6) New England states, as well as New York, and Quebec, Canada. We can assist you with the Applications Engineering and Cost Justification procedure for Precision and Super Precision Machine Tool Technology.

What can MODERN TOOLS do for my company?

          We can assist your company in finding the most suitable and economical Precision and Super Precision Machine Tool solution for your manufacturing requirements.

What are Grinding Machines used for?

         Grinding Machines are the manufacturing technology that is used in the final process to finish a component to its final dimensions. Grinding Machines can be either manually operated or automatically operated.

What is the best way to get in contact with MODERN TOOLS?

         Complete the information on our
contact page
and submit or call our office at 781-438-3211